Chanel Boy

These Chanel Boy bags are a modern, edgier version of the classic Chanel flap bag. Since its release in 2011, it has become one of the most sought-after Chanel designs on the market. These Chanel Boy bags feature structured lines and distinct hardware, making them instantly recognizable when worn by celebrities and trendsetters alike. Named after Coco Chanel’s great love, Boy Capel, the bag uses minimal aesthetics in a stylish yet versatile design. Buy the Chanel Boy bag that is available in three different sizes, with the smallest functioning as a purse, and the largest as a tote. While the Chanel Boy was originally available in only five colors (red, black, grey, green and ivory) and limited materials, there are now a number of additional colors and materials available, such as leather and tweed, to suit every woman’s personal taste.

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