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楽焼 Raku - Pottery Very Rare #64 Image 1
Brent Litsey

楽焼 Raku - Pottery Very Rare #64

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International Artist: Brent Litsey
Title: Raku Pottery by Litsey #64
Size: 22 X 2 inches
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楽焼 Raku - Pottery hand thrown on a Pottery Wheel
by International Artist: Brent Litsey
Raku is a 16th-century Japanese art form which evolved from the Zen Buddhist tea ceremony. Sen-no-Rikyu, the greatest tea master, established the concept of wabi-tranquility,austerity,transience-for the tea ceremony. I have strived to maintain the traditional concept of wabi in my Raku work. I became fascinated by the challenge of Raku. Throwing a bowl or vase remains a challenge especially if the work is large. Once the clay is dried, the clay pots are fired between 12-24 hours known as a bisque firing ( 900 °C (1,650 °F).
The finally firing is an all-day affair. After preheating the pieces, I load the Raku kiln. The kiln is slowly brought to a temperature of 800–1,000 °C (1,472–1,832 °) degrees cone 06 temperature range. Experience is the guide here as the work is visually checked for glaze maturity. Wearing protective gear and using tongs is recommended, I then move the work to the reduction chambers which are holes in the ground. These chambers contain organic materials such as leafs, straw and twigs. Leaving the pottery overnight in these reduction chambers underground covered is the key to my work.
I started my pottery work (stoneware, salt glazing and Raku) back in the early 1970's at the Boulder's Pottery Guild, Boulder Co. My family was founding members of the Boulder Pottery Guild, Colorado 1970 cir. date.
Note: Raku pottery is porous and is not to be used for cooking, either microwave or conventional ovens. Raku is not to be used for holding plants or watering. For art display only. All of my Glazes are lead free.


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    Brent Litsey
    Brent Litsey
    Raku Pottery Clay
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